We officially entered a new reality of life challenging our emotional, spiritual, physical bodies as well as our financial security.  For many of us this new reality is bringing up a lot of fear, myself included, have become unemployed!

I  ask that you be conscientious with the video and take personal responsibility for your bodies. If you are not financially affected by the COVID 19 PANDEMIC please take advantage of my live stream classes a Goorus Yoga 🙏

Goorus is offering your first live stream class
FREE with promo code: VIRUSFREE and 2 weeks of unlimited live streaming for $50.00 (that’s crazy)!

John and I are working our butts off to bring you as many classes as we can but WE need your support to keep his doors open so I can continue to do what I absolutely LOVE… TEACH!

My next live stream class is Monday 1:00-1:45 pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!

If you have GOOGLE CHROME you can live stream from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

I am also available for private Zoom, FaceTime or Skype lessons if desired!

This pandemic will end but we NEED to get through it together and pay forward what we ourselves are receiving to help others in need!

(The divine in me truly acknowledges and honors the divine in you!)