Soma training was created as part of Dr. Guy Voyer’s osteopathic approach to medicine.  Through the knowledge he gained as a trained Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor and Doctor of Osteopathy, along with his clinical experience with patients, Dr. Voyer learned the best way to heal the body is using the body itself.  Using the philosophies of osteopathy revealed the dynamic view of a complex body system that Dr. Voyer, DO blended into many classical principles of exercise that include segmentalized stretching, decompression and proprioceptive actions to not just to strengthen the body, but to normalize tissues in a meaningful way.

Along with ELDOA™ and CranioSacral & Soma Therapy, Soma Training enables you to work with and heal a host of conditions correcting imbalances with stretching and strengthening muscles, improving balance and coordination with proprioceptive exercises.  This paradigm helps individuals build functional strength, body awareness and power to healthfully execute work-outs and activities of daily living.   Although the framework can be complex, at the end of the day, it comes down to one thing…

“You are your own best therapist.” – Guy Voyer, DO

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