Soma Therapy


Dr. Jason Amstutz explains it best, “SomaTherapy is a clinician-based program designed to teach the fundamentals of normalizing fluid flow in all fascia/joints/dura mater.  Space and flow are the 2 most basic principles fundamental to health, resilience and performance.  SomaTherapy, at its core, teaches how to intelligently create space and flow in all systems.”

Soma therapy includes a gentle manual manipulation of the joints and fascia to bring fluid from the extracellular space into our cells, fascia, and joints to decrease inflammation and promote normalization of joints for the body to heal.

Fascia (includes our connective tissue, ligaments, adipose tissue, tendons, and even our blood) often gets tight and restricted due to injury, dehydration and overuse. Many believe that fascia needs to be rigorously manipulated to change. Rigorous manipulation results in trauma and injury causing scar tissue to form. In actuality, fascia needs water and gentle manipulation.

Fascia is made up of collagen, reticulin and elastin. Collagen moves water into your cells, reticulin forms scar tissue to repair our collagen tubules with injuries/trauma, and elastin provides fascia elasticity. Even though there is elastin in fascia, fascia does not stretch, fascia elongates and slides. When our collagen tubules slide, if we are hydrated, water osmotically flows into our collagen tubules. Water is an in-compressible fluid, allowing the space we create with soma therapy to be maintained (as long as we stay hydrated). The treatment results in normalization of the fascia, connective tissues, tendons, and ligament providing space for our joints to decompress, treating the root cause of our pain.